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Frequently Asked Questions – Noise Impacts

Noise walls will be installed during construction on the north and south sides of the QEW on the new structures. Existing noise walls will either be retained, replaced in the same location, or relocated to accommodate the realignment of the QEW. In most locations, it is anticipated that new noise walls will be installed prior to removal of the existing to ensure continuous noise abatement throughout construction.

The relocated noise barriers between the QEW and Kedleston Way will be placed along the south edge of the new realigned eastbound on-ramp, adjacent to the right shoulder. The barrier will be the same height as the existing wall (5 metres).

If you have further questions or comments, contact the Project Team at info@qewcreditriver.ca or call the 24-hour bilingual telephone line, 1-866-624-9114 Des renseignements sont disponibles en fran├žais en 1-866-624-9114.