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EA Process

In 2013, MTO completed a study that followed the process for a Group ‘B’ project under the Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000) and identified a strategy to accommodate transportation improvements for the QEW from west of Mississauga Road to west of Hurontario Street.  The Class EA study was documented in a Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR 2013).

Between 2017 and 2019, additional environmental investigations, impact assessment and agency/public consultation were completed in support of this detailed design. In 2019, the province chose to implement this project through a Design-Build-Finance (DBF) delivery model.  Under this model, Detail Design and construction can occur simultaneously as components of the Project advance, and environmental clearances are issued.  In 2020, MTO prepared Design and Construction Report #1 (DCR #1) under the Class EA and to document site preparation work and installation of environmental protection measures that has taken place this Summer and Fall. 

EDCO will complete the approved planning process for a Group ‘B’ project under the Class EA with the opportunity for public input throughout and building on the TESR (2013) and the DCR (2020).  Our design will also consider the comments made during the 2017-2019 consultation process.

DCRs will be prepared to document the project process, design details, environmental impacts and mitigation measures, and a summary of consultation.

Interested stakeholders can review the proposed works and provide comments for consideration via the “Contact Us” function on the project website.

Once required permits, approvals, and authorizations are obtained, Environmental Clearance will be issued to allow EDCO to proceed to construction of the works covered in the DCR, as appropriate.

If you wish to be added to the Project contact list or submit comments or questions, please visit the Contact Us section of this website.